psycho. fraud. snake

Snake. hacked. Gaslit to the fullest

By the time march came around I was speaking in cursive

The infection spread all the way to my therapy

Lum had no idea then a change in destiny

Turned on. Ignored. And misunderstood.

Brought Katie back wishing a mf would

Everyone got played like a note in a song

The more I did right. The more they saw wrong

End game was to burn klusterfck to the ground

It almost worked but when I woke all the answers were found

He’s like a cancer the stage 4 kind.

He’s not sick he’s driven to break my psyche

Obsessed. NARCISSITIC. Pychopathic punk.

Crossed every line too far. His oders like a skunk.

You smell it strong amd it doesn’t go away

But its not you he’s around. Watch what people say.

His real identity I know im sure, to y’all he can be anyone 

You talked to or thought was close. EVEN ME,

Fake names. Fake pages. Fake numbers.

He’s been doing it for months

Email after email text after text threat after threat with little effect

He entered your life you just dont know it yet

There’s been so many of everything who knows who we’ve met,

I trust nobody. Like I ever have.

But I stand in my truth always and never waiver that flag

Wake up wake up life the fog

Remember I live out loud. ITS ALL IN A BLOG.

I see why and how everyone thinks I put on a front.

I would never. I could never stunt.

Solo. One deep. Like I’ve always been

Against all odds.i woke up when

Everyone. Even the closest.

One team doing the most

 Do you see the starting point yet?

He’s fed you false information. Or maybe she

To him it wasn’t hard to fly under the radar 

I warned y’all in February when my social media got hacked

But he may have already have started and I sounded like a quack

I’ve always been a real one AND NOTHING EVER CHANGED.

I went thru a lot. Took a break  &when I came back there was an energy change.

Do you see the timeline of events yet?

Let me continue.. this is my life. Im someone of a vet.

He gaslit you. He gaslit me.

It all worked in his favor. the narrative he meant to be

Where he fails is I have integrity and figured it all out.

He didn’t think id say anything and just sit and pout.

He’s miserable and wants to hurt me 

By any means and I quote he wants to break my psyche

I wish people would listen when I talk

I was raised in this shit and my ego died but the first one who stalked

I dont wear a mask. Im open about me.

I could be a narcissist. Who do you think is Katie?

Thats not my style I dont like that side

But again no mask that part I never lied.


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