This post will come with a lot of screen shots

The joker”

Narcissist. Psychopath. Stalker. Hacker.

January 9 I cut off my “friend” in the middle of a gaslight after him already showing my he was a narcissist AT THE TIME MY ENTIRE narcissistic family was in the mist of bombing me with taking my kids custody and taking my ex’s side and turning on me. Once I did that he lost his top. Death threats. Intimidation. ALL cyber crimes. And stalking on a scary extreme. So much I felt physically violated by the hacking and called the cops TWICE. Nothing done. Sitting duck.

Most emails and messages I haven’t read. For 2 reasons. 1 idc really. 2 his whole plan (which he told me) would have worked. “To break my psychy” but I printed all from January 9-the end of Februaryish. That’s when I called the cops the second time. I never deleted any and have screenshots. I PROMISE YOU CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP plus I got proof.

Little side notes: 1 he’s on meth and a narcissist who only lies when he’s trying to gaslight me.

His feelings and saying how it hurt him and we were close Ect. TRUE. But that’s just how solid I am and he doesn’t lie about that. EVERYTHING else is a gaslight and or intimidating me. Friends have read the ones I haven’t and they were scared for me and “wanted to kidnap me to keep me safe” He needs help FOR REAL. But a reaction is what he wanted and he did too much. HE DESERVES A GRAMMY🤫🤭😂

Whether he was trying to gaslight me or meth tripping it doesn’t matter. He be trippin. I broke no contact once when I felt physically violated and REALLY wanted to flash on him but thought me responding would settle everything. He gaslight me again and I went no contact again. IT MADE IT WORSE.

He did everything TO HIM SELF. I didn’t break him I stood up for myself. He went straight psycho and took everything TOO far from day one. And continued to do more til currently September 16, 2021.

Now one again. I haven’t read most of the screenshots but I know the narrative and jist enough for me to know what’s going on but not get gaslight.

I don’t know what you know him as but if you’re in my life he has been in yours trust me. ALL THE WAY DOWN TO PROBABLY FAKE PAGES OF ME. IDK WHAT HES CAPABLE OF but I see the picture full circle ⭕️ now with LÜM. Somewheee in the timeframe he’s gaslight them/y’all into believing a false narrative of klusterfck and WHO KNOWS WHO HE IS AND WHAT HES SAID, but I wish people would fact check more because this kinda shit is hard to prove especially to someone that’s been gaslight. That’s why I kept everything from him. I knew I would need it later

IF you need and want to see more for backup facts PLEASE ask me. I have no problem with doing that.

“The most dangerous thing for a narcissist is an educated empath.”

Survival of the fittest

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