You first mistake was thinking you knew me.☝️😮‍💨

For being geniuses y’all sure are dumb. Y’all see me as a threat. Y’all get obsessed with “trying to take me down/out” either way same process. HA! Hasn’t worked yet and it’s been 3 years of people trying. The first got close but couldn’t the rest haven’t come close. And that was just summer. KLUSTERFCK you CANNOT. I was born into this and this is what I do. I like when y’all think. 😴🥱

“I used to hear a voice but now a days I don’t want to be saved. Nah fuck that I don’t want to be saved.”

Relentless. Even at my weakest y’all see me as a threat. And now Katie has been activated your giving me more strength. Thank you. But fuck you. I never in my life imagined a literal group of people I consider opposition 😵‍💫😮‍💨 and y’all are insane. I’m not worth all y’all put forth when you could use ALLL that energy on you and build you up. #FREEGAME

Allegedly -loski

The audacity of y’all to think y’all could break me. You underestimate me. Ou.. that’s my favorite part. You could..- and have learned me so well and you still don’t know me. We can relate but you don’t have my brain function and memory. You will never have that even if I told you. CHECKMATE.

I don’t even be flexing. I’m very humble and way more intimidated by 2 of y’all. Well was. I see why you hate me. OOPS!😬

I grew up in the bottom and live the best of both worlds twisted in it’s self. Where you got it twisted is you don’t know that I’m built my self from scratch since way younger than I really remember and I was a beast before opp #1 and 2. Oh boy that’s going to be a monster when im done.🤫🥱 There is no other me.

WE ARE NOT CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH. rude of you to assume I was cut from cloth. See why y’all so mad is IM SOLID. And they broke that mold when they made me and said oh shit. Btw. Stop trying to gaslight me. You can’t none have worked. like really stop y’all embarrassing yall selfs.

Keep it real produced by me klusterfck

The insanity of it is I’m 32 and have a opposition like this. Y’all don’t get the benifical of being named because fuck y’all. This a custom fir shoe.

End note: 📝

This is for the ones not on the opposition more than 1 literally has hacked me and studied me on all levels they do the most the end up knowing me so well it’s scary when we were never close YEAH THAT PART. What the what?


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