After 32 years of life I actually had to do this

Y’all know me . I don’t clear up y’all’s opinions of me since high school. Cause 1 no one says it to me. 2 not true. 3 not my business BUT I need me, the truth correct everyone’s “knowledge “ of summerdaye.

1st fact. IM NOT ON METh. Meth second handedly destroyed my life and I was close to death. not from meth.. from Ben on meth. I was only told 1 thing since so If there’s more I can’t even imagine. But here’s the reality of that. April 2018 Ben came back after a breakup (my first time doing it and it was because of meth) he came back the week of Easter and sobered up and was good FOR A WEEK. Easter sun night “he has to go find out” before I start with that let me understand the man has untreated mental health issues and felt I betrayed him when I broke up with him. He left for 4 days and tbh insanity is my only excuse for playing captain save a hoe and he came back. First month I had a miscarriage from the stress. To sum up a whole store quickly he acted as if he was back but 1 delusional 2 double personalities. He forgot who I was as a person like my character integrity and morals and accused me of so much for so long. He “knew” there was someone else (didn’t matter for what but either drugs, man, or controlling person ) now remember we been together 9 years. I insanely stayed loyal every when broken up I stood in my truth so hard he became a literal terrorist. For months. I had no friends. He made sure of that. He totaled my keep in June and I barely left the house. (He isolated me) so bad 2 phones got snapped in half because of me being on it. I didn’t want emails to go if that’s how serious it was. He hacked me. And just everything I never thought. In August I found .. now hold up. I CANT MAKE THIS UP.. a 9 lined hit list

Get kids taken from her

Get off child support

Get me out the trailer

Ruin her

Destroy her and watch her suffer

Sit back and make her eat it.

BY ANOTHER FEMALE that he left them 4 days for. My brain broke that weekend and I can’t even explain this way but that doesn’t matter.

January 16 I got a restraining order because the man I knew and fell in love with died. I’m embarrassed to even have been with him and really want to change the kids last name cause that’s embarrassing.

Anyways my point is while I was in this house for 10 months being abused and at war him and his help used what you call a smear campaign. 1 I was a snitch. 2 I sold meth 3 the cops where watching me.those are the only ones I know of so I can about imagine what it really is. THAT WAS ALL HIM AND HIS PIC. And he did it for this exact reason “if I can’t have you no one will” my problem is I stay humble and never said anything cause everything else I hear y’all think are untrue or misconstrue. So let me be clear again… SUMMERDAYE POIRRIER does NOT do meth. I never lie I ain’t said I never cause I have and I hated it when I did it. THATS WHY I DONT DO IT.

Everything else, I’m crazy… yeah but not like you think. Am I a Bitch? Absolutely. I’m rough and tough and speak the truth no matter what and I always have. I have no reason to lie and plus idc if the truth bothers you cause it shouldn’t.

So for the last 3 years I’ve been suffering from severe ptsd and other similar problems just with family. I know y’all won’t but that’s in you. STOP LISTENING TO THE LIES ABOUT ME AND BELIEVE THEM when I’m such an open book literally


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