my story written by my bestfriend. A MUST READ..

The Memoirs of Tiffani

20140415-212441.jpg One of Summer’s maternity photos by Jacob Breaux Photography.

Today, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of my best friends, Summer. Summer is a new blogger and mother, who has a desire to help inform and support the public through their life experience/struggles via her own. She intends on doing this through her blog, Nobody Is Alone. I will first, help you to get to know Summer. I will then provide you with a link to her blog. I strongly urge you to check out, Nobody Is Alone, if you’re interested!

20140415-212404.jpg Summer and her son.

Summer is not your average 24-year-old woman. Why, do you ask? Because, Summer has bipolar disorder. She also, possibly, has an array of conditions (I.e. Nervousness, or abandonment issues) due to her life situations in the past. We won’t diagnose anything for her, lol.

20140415-212410.jpg Summer and her…

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