who knew?



                     NEW YEARS EVE 2010

Oh, where do i start? ohhh maybe New Years Eve 2010; the first time we ever met. Remember that, first thing i ever said to you was ” i know we never met like talking bout, but i don’t know you just look shady” &just like that we became good friends. No body was as real as us. We weren’t best friends at first, but all it took was me& Ben breaking up one time and we were inseparable. You were my rock. I still could never express my appreciation for how much you did for me while we were broken up. You came find me in the city park  one night when i wouldn’t tell you where i was. You were good! Man, i could go on and on about our memories but my fingers would fall off. 

Me, Nicki& Rusty

& then one day Kristin calls me twice in an row and i was trying to nap because i wasn’t feeling good.  I was in so much pain, and had been since that Monday and went to the hospital and did every test and couldn’t find anything wrong. Well then Madison called me from Florida, hysterically crying and i couldn’t understand her, and Clayton beeps in so I told Madison i would call her back, (thinking she would calm down and i could understand her.) Well then i get the news, he didn’t want to tell me over the phone but i made him. “Rusty got hit by a train.” I fell on the floor and started crying& do you know  all that pain went away and i never felt it again. EVERRR! i think it was a sign. I am so grateful that you came see me the day before; all excited about going to the dunes that weekend.

“The last weekend I spent with Rusty”

You were the main person that knew how much I wanted Ben back at that time, and even “gone” you made that happen. Neither of us could go to that funeral  without the other. May 24, 2012 and the following days, even months were the hardest but Ben was there for me to keep it together. Also, I got every sign from you and still do. I know you’re there with Blayden, he sees you and keep watching over him for us. We love you and miss you everyday Fam!


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