Chapter 1: The Beginning

Summer Daye at 4MonthsJuly 19, 1989: I was born in New Iberia, La. I’m only 24, remember that as you are reading this. (I’m not going to go into extreme detail for all 24 years, don’t worry.)
I didn’t know my father until I was two.  Like, I didn’t even know who he was.  (Actually, I didn’t even know THIS, until last year.  That’s when I was told about when I found out & met who my father was.) Whatever, it happens.
Was my father, the father that he should’ve been? Not really.  But, his mother, sister &dad were there for me more than ever.
My granny figured out that I had a heart problem and that I needed to have a surgery; which I did, when I was 5.  At this point, I’m a strong kid. As far as my childhood, I can’t complain; all 4 of grandparents spoiled me. My mother, was the best mother, that a young mother could be.  she had her faults but, hey, no one is perfect, right?
I was that child.  Both of my parents tried to turn me against the other. I was told that I was an accident.  I was shown, by my own father, the paternity test-when I was between the ages of 10-12.  who does thatttt?   Him.
Well, around that time, there was a tug of war match between my parents, and I was the rope.  My rocks were my granny and aunt Shannon.  I’ve always looked up to both of them.
Then, May 1, 2002, came around and the sweet Summer Daye that everyone knew, changed.. My granny had a heart attack, and died. I wasn’t that happy kid anymore.  I lashed out in a lot of ways.
 In high school, my first boyfriend/love, cheated on me, as well as every other guy I have gotten into a relationship with.  My Junior year, I dated a black guy; OHH NOOOO such a big dealll..NOT. However, my father thought it was, and so, he kicked me out and called me trash.  We haven’t talked since; that was in February of 2006.
I then moved to Houston with my mom and ended up loving it more than anything.  And that is where our story will continue, when we meet again..
stay tuned, the next chapter will be coming soon.

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