What’s Home?

A Place Where When You’re Different; You’re Not Alone..

This whole page has a purpose. It isn’t going to be some random girl telling you everything– it’s going to be beneficial to some not all& even me. take the time read it if you are interested, can relate, or just want to know more.. you have to read all the first few post. They may seem boring and pointless but it’s not. Not every thing seems important but relevant to the point of the page.



because what happened to me killed myself esteem& stole my feeling of worthiness. It made me believe I was a problem and unlovable. It riddled me with guilt, shame, anger, resentment& so much more than that. ANYTHING that buried who I really am. I want to know who that is, before i die. So I can give myself a chance; since the day I was born, I have wondered, Who am i without all this pain?


26 thoughts on “What’s Home?

  1. you wrote it your self? but do you know the meaning and to do it over and over again doesn’t make slowly go to meaningless, oh nicely
    done web site by the way

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      1. cook county is a song on the last who album. pete was commenting on human nature , which is fallen and born into original sin. your life, your hell is a particuliar story to tell and when you share we all win cos you let it be known you are now moving into the light.

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      2. yw well after all i ve been at it way longer than you . i ve had people on my ass from day one. i lovingly refer to meself as error 61 . mom was 48 and dad 63 when i showed up.ooooooooooooops!


      3. it is not ok. it is frustrating. it is infurating. you are infurating. i do not like the whole damn thing. i cannot put into words. you either get it or you do not. wolf! wolf! wolf!


      4. i ce summer daye aka cluster fucked. well if you met pope st son tom you would meet the master ga slighter. he taunts you writin about yesself again. yuuuup~


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